Corporate Law

Ainsworth + Clancy provides holistic general counsel support to corporations and investors. Corporate law is a wide ranging area of expertise that encompasses such transactions as incorporating entities, planning for tax implications, drafting contracts with employees or service providers, securing proper licensing, among many other areas. Corporate attorneys blend their general knowledge across all areas of law to help businesses make real-time strategy decisions. Below is a short list of some of the services that we provide in this area of law:

Incorporations – Ainsworth + Clancy takes into account the client’s tax and immigration strategies to choose the appropriate corporate entity, jurisdiction of incorporation, and plan for ownership. Incorporations also include drafting shareholders’ agreements and other internal corporate documentation.

Employment Agreements – Ainsworth + Clancy helps businesses draft agreements to clarify working relationships between an employer, its employees and independent contractors.

Service Contracts – Ainsworth + Clancy draft and negotiate a wide array of agreements such as marketing service contracts, terms of use and privacy policies for websites, IT service agreements, among many service areas.

Licensing – Doing business begins with proper licensing. Ainsworth + Clancy helps their clients navigate this difficult maze of regulations and red tape to secure licenses at the state and local levels in areas such as real estate and insurance.